Nothing much for today's session, Let's try to test our knowledge retention for the course modules so far... Give this a trial ..Trust you gonna smash it Yo Genius !!!! 😉😉

Neymar and Mbappé are trying to compare
their BMI (Body Mass Index), which is 
calculated using the formula:
BMI = mass/height^2 = mass/(height*height)
(mass in Kg and height in meter)

1. store Neymar's and Mbappé's mass and 
height in variables.
2.Calculate both thier BMIs.
3. Create a Boolean variable containing 
information whether Neymar has a higher
BMI than Mbappé.
4. Print a string to the console containing
the variable from step 3.
 (something like "Is Neymar's BMI higher than 
Mbappé's ? true").


var neymarMass = 68;
      var neymarHeight = 1.75;

      var mbapeMass = 73;
      var mbapeHeight = 1.78;

      var neymarBMI = Math.floor(neymarMass / (neymarHeight * neymarHeight));

      var mbapeBMI = Math.floor(mbapeMass / (mbapeHeight * mbapeHeight));

      var bmiComp = neymarBMI > mbapeBMI;


      console.log(" Neymar BMI is " + neymarBMI);
      console.log(" Mbappe BMI is " + mbapeBMI);

      console.log("Is Neymar's BMI higher than Mbappe's? " + bmiComp);

Truthy & Fasly values and Equality operators