Dress Code and Appearance

As an ambassador for the museum, it is important that you look professional and smart at all times. Staff must strictly adhere to the MoLI Dress Code at all times when in public-facing positions.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Alcohol and substance misuse and/or addiction can have a detrimental effect on your health and can adversely influence your work performance and your relationships with colleagues and customers. It can result in reduced efficiency and increased absenteeism.

The museum has a duty towards and is concerned about the health and welfare of all employees. It is, therefore, museum policy to:

The museum will treat any absence due to alcohol and substance abuse in the same way as sickness absence on condition that you obtain professional treatment and maintain regular contact with your line manager.

The museum will treat all relevant discussions in strict confidence.

If inadequate work performance or unacceptable behaviour, including poor work relationships, occur or persist, the matter may be dealt with under the museum’s disciplinary procedure. Careful consideration will be given if you have acknowledged the existence of a problem and/or have agreed to obtain medical help for the condition. However, any incident which amounts to gross misconduct would be considered a dismissible offence. If you fail to complete a prescribed course of treatment or have a relapse following treatment, the matter may be dealt with under the museum’s disciplinary procedure.


Every effort is taken by the organisation to ensure that clients’ affairs are treated with absolute confidentiality and you should note the following provisions in particular:

Gifts & Hospitality

You should not use your position as a MoLI employee to receive, agree to accept or attempt to obtain any payment or other consideration for doing, or not doing, anything or showing favour, or disfavour, to any person. You should not receive benefits of any kind from a third party which might reasonably be seen to compromise your personal judgement and integrity.

You should speak to your line manager if you are unsure of how to respond to offers of gifts and hospitality.