To protect the most important aspect of our classes, our positive environment, these rules apply during my classes. For The English Server in general, please also review the channel -rules.

All actions in class are in context of our most importation principle - Environment.

Phrase comments as encouragement.

Be aware of words that can be taken as criticism.

Prudent use of gifs and images. Nothing disturbing or too large.

Consider that an image that takes up the width of a screen on a phone appears even larger on a full size screen. Consider that multiple, bright, or highly animated images can be distracting.

No unrequested corrections.

No Cursing, including as abbreviations.

For personal messages, please use Direct Messages and not the public classes-chat.

Remember that language has an effect on the person who hears the words that can be different from how you experience the words you say. For this reason, please:

Avoid slang and other easily misinterpreted phrases.

Apply great care in the use of: bro; dude; man, mate etc. These are not considered professional and can cause offense when used with others you do not know. Ask yourself, are you sure you know that person well enough to use these terms.

If you have seen someone trolling or cursing or breaking the rules..

  1. Don't interact with them.
  2. Contact the staff using the channel: report. See screenshot below.