Making Your Job Great Again With Neuroscience & Coaching

When working with clients, I rely on 4 principles:

I coach in English & Russian.

Can I Get My Work Mojo Back On My Own?

Actually, you can! If you are in the mood for a do-it-yourself exploration, check All the frameworks and tools I'm using neatly packed into a sequence of steps by mighty AI algorithm. Plus, carefully researched weekly check-ins to keep you moving. Try it!

Why Do I Need Your Support Then?

Having me in the process means that you will be focused only on reflection and insights, as I will do all the facilitation, time keeping, notes and summary of actions in the background. Due to regular schedule of calls your accountability will be at its' maximum.

Will Your Help Me With My CV And LinkedIn Profile?

I can, as an individual, who also cares about her CV and LinkedIn profile, yet it's not what I see as my unique offering.