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Contents: Agenda (*Timeline, News*), Narrative (Kingdoms, History), Writing, Time ...see also CoE: Newslinger

This page hosts some pretty straight-forward agendas including: game-changing news, store promotions, upcoming events (next couple of months as we know them)... and yes some eye-opening details about lore (and the impressive writing coherence behind it) when everything is put together.

In an elyrian tavern near you

Forums - Chronicles of Elyria

October 22, 2018 12:00 (PDT) → November 16, 2018 12:00 (PST), an unique occasion to vote for your server map, during two rounds of 11 days long each (check that forum thread above for the FAQ and announcement).

August 30, 2019 6:00 (CEST) → September 23, 2019 12:00 (CEST), Domain & Settlement Selection (DDS) from kingdoms to settlements (roughly one level per week) then another month to host a Dutch Auction for the leftovers to be picked at lessening prices.

About time...

[S:A:] Elyrian time can be confusing sometimes, not even sure when to start.

[S:A:] Elyrian time can be confusing sometimes, not even sure when to start.

Player agenda

You will find the schedule for official events just below in our all-in-one timeline, so don't forget that you may swap how things are presented:

Otherwise, if you seek community contests and events to participate into, a good place to look at is this forum thread maintained by Hellmoon.


CoE: Schedule

Since it shows date ranges for events, which is a (premium) feature we need, that page is a bit of a dilemna for us, as it is not linked to the main databases, like what follows. Maybe not too worrysome, we'll see how the situation evolves, we might be able to add community-driven events more easily.

Big thanks to the dev team for many things, but in this particular case, for providing a monthly roadmap of their endeavors.



Dynamic narrative


As we know, the offline (free solo or fundraising multiplayer) Prologue, ominously named The Awakening, occurs in 797, eight elyrian years before Exposition, the pre-launch player-building phase that will last another 12 years (12 weeks in real-time) until the Launch date somewhen during the year 817 of the 4th Age.