We are Cosy Colis and we are on a mission to make last mile parcel delivery successful, green and socially responsible.

For this, we enable 100% of parcels to be delivered at the 1st attempt. If the carrier cannot find the e-shopper, recipient of a parcel, we give him access to neighbours in the direct proximity of the e-shopper. We help e-shopper and neighbour arrange a handover and reward the neighbour.

We are funded and actively supported by EIT Digital, a body of the European Union.

We are currently looking for a Co-founder CMO to shape the future of last mile logistics with us. Start date: now 🙌 Read on!

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🔥 What problem we want to solve

15% of parcel deliveries cannot reach their customer at the first attempt

✅ How we want to solve it

We make last mile logistics easy, green and socially responsible

Joins us in shaping the last mile delivery of the future: delivery without failed attempts, supported by a network of paid trusted neighbours.

Our mission is to make last mile logistics more efficient, and to share the value created with our community and our environment:

🚀 Who we are

The team consists as of today in