Hey! Michael Sanchez (@marketing on Clubhouse) here. If you've heard me speak on Clubhouse you probably know I love figuring out Growth Hacks so I can get the results I want, in the shortest

amount of time possible.

For the last 2 months I've been working hard to crack the code on what's the best Clubhouse Bio formula to use when it comes to creating the perfect bio. Something that ANYONE can apply and see the same results regardless of the profile and background.

^ Does this sound familiar to you?

No worries I've been there too. After about 30 different bios, multiple split-tests daily, I finally figured out a Clubhouse Bio formula that's worked for me, as well as dozens of others I've shared and helped with. A formula that when applied to your own profile will give you some immediate results. Both in follower growth as well as building your authority in your space.

Below is the Clubhouse Bio Formula Outline

Let's go ahead and breakdown each component in depth so you start seeing results NOW!


Notes App: Before you start writing down your bio within Clubhouse, make sure that you use your notes app so you're able to create spacing and paragraphs for your bio. Once you have the bio you want simply copy & paste it in your Clubhouse bio!



The mini-bio is a 3 sentence preview that's pulled from the top 3 sentences found in your full bio.