We present to you, our lovely executive team for the 2020/21 year!

<aside> 😂 We thought using "any symbol or image that we think represents us" would be a fun way to introduce the team, so enjoy ✨


President - Opey Adeyemi

Heyo, I'm a third-year Computer Science student and I just want to build this club as the interconnected creative community UBCO deserves 😤. I work in motion design primarily, but I dabble in copywriting and graphic design, too! Here's my Instagram for your viewing pleasure. Oh, and I use the sparkle emoji a lot — that sounded like a threat because it was ✨.


Secretary - Alisa Chung

Hey, y'all! It's me, Alisa ❤️ I love music, RPGs, graphic design, & illustration. My main role here is to keep everyone feelin' up-to-date and connected; let's be friends!!! ฅ(๑•̀ω•́๑).


Treasurer - Novia Fan

Heyo, I'm Novia, a third-year data science student. I like photography, baking, and geek about colors. I'm not a designer compare to the ⬆️ other execs ⬇️, but I like making everything look pretty. TLDR, I'm a vsco girl who's too good to use vsco.


Lead Designer - Mathew de Vin

Hey everyone I'm Mathew, a third-year COSC major! I'm interested in graphic design, photography, and also like to explore. I've done logo work and like to play around with compositing. Here's my insta if you wanna try give me a follow!


Outreach Manager - Fiona Firby

Hey everyone I’m Fiona, a third year Media Studies Student! My creative interests are primarily in filmmaking but I have recently been expanding my skills into the world of graphic design, UX/UI, and photography 📷 Hope you guys enjoy all the chill vibes this club has to offer ✨.


Junior Designer - Bat

Howdy everyone, I usually go by bat and I'm a soon-to-be third year cosc major. I'm interested in graphics designing and crypto even though I don't have the brain capacity to comprehend them. my personality is based on recycled internet memes, I don't have one. I'm dabbling into 3d designing as of recent, but someone please send help, many thanks.