🤝TRUST - To allow our clients to know how we spend their money

🐥EVOLUTION - To allow our team to know how they can evolve

🌸TRANSPARENCY - To never discuss salary and focus on everybody's performance and evolution

🏦STRUCTURE - To show our financial partners how we grant our team

⚖️FAIRNESS - To be fair with our friends' startups


For the moment this career ladder fits our company's stage as a Pre-Seed round, but we also really want to fit the state of the art of salaries and perks among many other attractive startups, and their growth stage.

Because fair and transparent salaries are good for everybody:

This ladder will evolve at every funding round so in average every year.

We know that at this step we are more attractive because of the evolutions we can offer to the first people who join us. So logically we'll give higher salaries in the future, but with lower equity and career challenges.

Right now is the right time to join us.

You can find more transparent companies here:, and also here (Alan example).

To know more about our team, you have all the infos in our team board.

✨ Everyone advantages

🍼 100% fully paid second parent leave for 1 Month. Why? Because we want to be proactive on gender equality. We signed the