Why we made CloutCast.

People have come to the DeSo platform in droves because they're sick of 2010s era social media.

👎 Getting peppered with targeted ads for things in your recent search history.

👎 Pouring energy into building a platform that you can't monetize.

And the list of 👎's goes on.

We here at CloutCast said fuck that. We want to pull the plug on the current targeted advertising model that's eaten all of the social space today. We want ads to be dumb. We want ads to be silly. We want people to promote others genuinely and get promoted through their creativity.

And most importantly, we wholeheartedly agree with the Bitclout man-god @artz:

No Jack. No Zuck. No Evan.


What the hell is CloutCast?

We are the first Promoted Post engine for the DeSo ecosystem.

CloutCast provides a monetary incentive to promote others & a means for anyone to scale up their platform from scratch.

Our goals are simple:

  1. Enable high clout individuals a means to monetize the very act of helping rising stars grow their platforms.