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<aside> 💡 We're constantly updating Cloud in various ways; some subtle, some very big. These are the kinds of updates you can expect to be featured on this page: ► Soft Updates: These include minor refinements and feature updates that enhance the Cloud experience over time. ► Content Updates: These are typically monthly additions to the library of Content We feature on Cloud. We operate on a monthly content update schedule. ► New Features: These are entirely new feature which make the Cloud experience better!


Week of June 14th, 2020

New Series: FUEL 101

One of the first series to be included in the Cloud Beta release 1 year ago, "FUEL 101" is back on Cloud for our public release. It covers short fundamentals on understanding the F.U.E.L. prayer model.

New Series: Fundamentals of Intercession

Also another one of the beta released series, "Fundamentals of Intercession" is a series featuring Corey Russell. In it, he teaches on the basics of understanding intercession in very practical and easily digestible lessons.

New Series: Book of Mark (Bible Study)

The follow up to "Book of Matthew", in this bible study series Corey Russell and our levitical community unpack and read through the book of Matthew.

Soft Update: Fully Dynamic Homepage

This update will display a new featured material from our library of content on FEATURED homepage card every day. It'll help you find new outstanding material and staff picks!