Looking for a structured way to volunteer? Join our team to make a difference at-scale. You’ll be part of a brilliant group of community leaders, operators, and product builders to create an equitable future and bridge the opportunity gap.

Our mission

We are closing the opportunity gap by creating equitable opportunities for disadvantaged students through mentorship, project-based learning, and scholarships.

Volunteer opportunities


Work with the industry's best

Close the Gap team members are leaders at top tech companies and startups.

As we help our students close their gaps, we're also helping each other close our own gaps (ahem, check out our first team value 👀).

This means supporting our team with letter of recommendations, career coaching, mock interviews, and employee referrals!

Have any questions?

We're here to help! Email our people ops team and we'll get back to you within 3-5 business days: hello(at)closethegapfoundation.org

Our values

Creating change with a smile We walk into our space knowing that above every cloud, the sky is always blue. We face each social issue with an open mind and optimism. We are pragmatic optimists.

Making impact with agency We see every challenge as an opportunity for growth and continuously choose to live with agency. We believe in our ability to take ownership and drive change in our lives and for those in our community.

Celebrating equity and dignity We remind each other and stay informed of all the situational gaps and diverse experiences that affect us. Those that might seek to divide, but that we know make us all the same: Human. We celebrate togetherness, even if our stories began in spaces far apart.

Uplifting one another As we help others close their gaps in life, we’re also working relentlessly to close our own. This means being reflective, creating a safe space, and sharing candid feedback so we can help each other grow. It also means being kind and leaving ego at the door to do right by others.

Listening with empathy We believe the first step towards positive change is listening. Being data-informed and empathetic doesn’t always need to be mutually exclusive. We take a people-first approach to drive change and serve our community by listening to their stories.

Life at Close the Gap

Our team works extremely hard to fulfill our mission of bridging the opportunity gap. Everyone here is volunteering their time on top of their full-time job to give back in a structured manner.

To accomplish our ambitious mission, our entire team meets weekly on Thursday night from 8-9:00 p.m. PT. Every team member is also part of a "pod" to deepen their impact (e.g. Fellowship, Operations, Community Engagement).

Thursday meetings gives everyone a chance to meet our leadership team and connect with your pod! Our collaboration stack includes: GSuite, Zoom, Notion, and Slack.


Close the Gap at Fellowship 2019