🧭 Mission

To make climate conversations more accessible, and diverse.

🔭 Vision

To transform the way people learn about, communicate and act on climate.

⚖️ Values

Move with kindness and understanding

We are here to serve, share and provide resources. We do not engage in hateful interactions and approach each individual that connects with us, with kindness, understanding and compassion.

Think creatively

Science and creativity go hand in hand, we are here to make the movement beautiful.

Trust and amplify

We trust that others know their stories and lived experiences better than us, when we don't have the answers, we amplify!

Global outlook

Climate is a 360 issue, our outlook should be too. We will only move in the right direction when insights and experiences are taken and acknowledged from all directions.

Educate with humility

We do not stand on a pedestal, do not have all the answers or imply that there is one way to do things. Conversely, we are learning alongside our audience, formulating and constantly re-evaluating our position as we consume more information.

Positivity and Optimism

There is enough negativity within the climate space, we're not here to add to it. Although we report on the reality of the climate crisis, we acknowledge that there is a lot to be grateful for and a lot of hard work going on around the world.

Opposers of Overconsumption

We are a slow brand. We are not pressured or phased by that instant and demanding nature of social media and mainstream news reporting. We are reflective, considered and conscious of information overload.