This guide follow the client experience with GetYourRefund and compares the experience to in-person VITA.

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Table of Contents

In-Person VITA v. GetYourRefund

In this training guide, we'll go over how in-person VITA compares to GetYourRefund. Your organization may have a slightly different process, but in general all VITA sites will have these core steps.

In-Person VITA

Let's start with a recap of the in-person VITA process.

In-person VITA starts when the client completes the intake sheet and provides their IDs and tax documents. The greeter will review the intake sheet, IDs, and tax documents to make sure the tax preparer will have everything they need to validate the client's identity and complete the return.

Next up, the tax preparer will meet with the client and start to prepare the return in TaxSlayer.

After that, the client meets with the quality reviewer to make sure the return is complete and accurate.

The client will then sign Form 8879, authorizing the return to be submitted electronically.