Marketing at Clearbit

We are a remote team, currently at ~15 people, with folks throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.

There shouldn’t be a divisions between growth, marketing, and brand-building. Instead, a winning marketing strategy integrates the best elements of all these worlds. We work to strip away the fluff from old school branding, but also understand that data is a tool, not a dogma.

The way we reach our marketing goals is rooted in understanding our customers — their pains, how they derive value from our products, and the stories that drive them to action.

We’re here to help each other grow. We focus on results, but with the freedom and autonomy to experiment with new things and jump on opportunities as they arise.

Expertise within the team

Spanning 5 realms of expertise, we're like a Captain Planet team, coming together to do great work. The 5 teams include: growth, demand, product marketing, content, and analytics.

The Clearbit Marketing team creates, drives, and converts demand, including engaging and educating our target audiences across the customer journey. We also often work cross-functionally with the sales, success, product, and partnership teams.