How to Create A Claim

  1. To begin the billing process from the encounter page, FIRST select the claims tab in the section of the encounter page and the select + ADD NEW CLAIM

    1. Click the +ADD New Claim Button

    How to Share a Claim

    1. Add the involved parties to grant access for the involved parties to share data and make reports. Transparency is just so easy now :).

    1. Now that you have created the claim and set the share settings, its time to add the items that are being billed from this encounter in this way.

    <aside> 💡 Drag and drop the service items that you wish to be billed under the configuration you just set.

    If you are billing for something like a facility fee, you can click on the view icon after creating a claim, then uploading a file to the claim to support the reason for the claim. You can then calculate the claim total to update the case participants of the new expenditure.


How to Record Reductions/Payments

Track reductions and payments and update everyone automatically.

Manage communication about a specific claim in the claim. A reduction request is commonplace in personal injury. Recording a reduction can be challenging, depending on how the request for reduction made. Metaclinic makes it easy to record the reduction by doing the math for you.

<aside> 💡 Payments are also easy to track, this allows for transparency for all parties to build trust.


How to Create a Claims Report

Data Visualization