Hello, I'm Clem, aka curquiza on GitHub 👋

I joined Meili in 2019 as one of the company's first employees, before the first round of funding.

I have managed the Integration Team for one year, the team responsible for the tools dedicated to the accessibility of MeiliSearch. I had the chance to develop some of these tools from scratch. I now delegate this team to the awesome Bruno Casali!

I'm now also the engine team manager in order to help the Rust developers focus on the technical tasks and to make the search engine grow as faster as possible.

I strongly believe open-source is the most efficient and safest way to build a technical product, so I work and interact a lot with our wonderful open-source community; you might have seen me on GitHub 😉

I would be glad to talk to you if you have any questions. For those who wouldn't know how to approach me, please note I react very well to food, no matter what time it is.