Colorado Springs is a city that is VERY lucky to have many people who are dedicated to making our community better in a very active sense. This is also true of many smaller organizations that support our city and make it home - you'll be learning about so many this month, but that welcoming spirit is especially true of our wonderful City Staff.

TEXT: Did you know the City of Colorado Springs has an Instagram? A Twitter? A podcast? Check out our compilation of all of the Springs' accounts here....


The City's Main Social Media accounts sort of provide an overarching single account that is supplemented additional department & enterprise accounts (like public parks, transit, fire, and tourism services). This allows a single place for unified messaging and a cohesive single place to receive updates & information about the city itself.

Each of these accounts has different post content practices and guidelines, so we'd suggest you follow a good mix of them that match your interests to really get a sense of what's going on here locally. You'll get links to all of them over the next 30 days.

Follow Elected Officials Too

To really get an understanding of the city as a whole, you should follow not just Career/Staff accounts like those below, but also elected official accounts.

This includes both our City Council, and our Mayor. We'll include links to these two additional sets of accounts in coming days, but if you'd like to do that now you can always skip ahead to reference our whole list of days here: Colorado Springs #ActLocalCOS Resources

If You Only Follow One

If you only follow one, we'd recommend the Twitter account (with notifications on) OR subscribe to the podcast in your favorite podcast app.

Beyond that, of course there's the automatically compiled mailing list that will give you a summary of every press release, etc. that has come out all week long delivered on Friday afternoons.


The city has a main account that shares pretty pictures as posts and city updates as stories:

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They also have an "olympic city" account which reposts adventure & olympic content and is a very fun follow.

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The city's twitter account is useful because it retweets other local agencies and provides a single source for the most important stuff.