Remember Sam, our student in back in Lesson 1 who needed to write a paper with citations? Well, you now know the software for writing paper from Lesson 4, how to evaluate the credibility of information from Lessons 1 and 5, and you have some sense of how writing a paper requires paying attention to the purpose, audience, and class-specific requirements of the paper.

So, what are citations? This short video explains.

Youtube video introduce what are citations.

Youtube video introduce what are citations.

Citations let you demonstrate academic integrity, which is required by your college's student code of conduct.

⚠️ What about plagiarism? If you use someone else's work as you own, such as cutting and pasting text from a website, using someone's ideas without a citation, or using a "textbook solutions" website, you are committing plagiarism, which is a violation of your student code of conduct. Most colleges have policies that punish the first instance of plagiarism with a failed assignment, the second instance of plagiarism with failing the class, and a third instance of plagiarism as removal from the college.

💡 Scenario: Yuri has a paper on the American for Disabilities Act due for his sociology class. He wants to use the picture from the NY Times article "We’re 20 Percent of America, and We’re Still Invisible" at the top of his report. The article was assigned reading for the course. Does Yuri need to cite this picture? Why or why not?

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