We, the professional historians, have created a historical platform «Літопис. ІІІ RESпубліка» (Chronicles. the III REpublic) on a volunteer basis. This project is a start-up and needs more opportunities to grow and improve. Follow us on:

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For further development, we seek to attract a professional team to create and build an archive of systematized and reliable information since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

What are the Aims of “Chronicle. the III REpublic?”

  1. To create a relevant platform where professional historians, experts, and qualified specialists, will be able to:
  2. To spread the educational work of our platform to a big audience. Our goal is to tell the history of Ukraine to the citizens who have become more interested in it and also share the key milestones of our history with people around the world.
  3. To keep professional documentation of our team of historians as witnesses for future generations.

The “Chronicle. the III REpublic” Mission

Our Methodology

Wars generate loads of information every day, from operational reports, videos, and photo-proofs to memes and illustrations. All this content accumulates daily and is extremely valuable for posterity. Therefore, we offer all interested experts to join us in collecting, analysing, and systemizing it.

Historians, as participants of the project, will be sharing their expert investigations on relevant topics. What’s more important is that information is to be written in an easy-to-read form.

“Chronicle. the III REpublic” Special Projects

Now we focus on historical research and analysis, cultural and social projects. In the future, we will be creating video content, podcasts, lectures, holding exhibitions, and opening the museum of memory.

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