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Contents: Next-gen, Multiplayer Evolving Online World, thanks to an Innovative Design, check the FAQ and Pledges.

The Next Generation of MMORPG

Quests generated just for your character, a fully destructible environment, closed economy, finite resources, and survival elements, means Elyria is experienced differently for every player! Each time you log in there is something new to do. No daily grind! Local, regional, and national conflicts are continuously unfolding, giving birth to repeated opportunities for you to change the course of history.

Enter Chronicles of Elyria as a member of a player or NPC-ran family, then work your way up from a humble adventurer to a landed vassal, develop your dynasty, and work your way to King. Not interested in running a kingdom? The fully skill-based system and lack of classes means you're rewarded with the ability to create the exact character you want to.

Full of dramatic opportunities, Chronicles of Elyria pulls the best from sandbox and themepark MMOs to create a new type of game - an event-driven story we call a Multiplayer Evolving Online World or MEOW.

Join a robust World complete with Dynamic NPCs

Chronicles of Elyria, where the actions players take have a permanent and lasting impact on their environment: player characters can aim to gain control over and monopolize a valuable commodity, they can blockade or siege neighboring settlements to force alliances or concessions, as they can progressively construct individual buildings or even entire civilizations through our innovative new settlement system.

And, with robust A.I. behaviors, the NPCs and Offline Player Characters in the world react to the reputations and actions of the players, remembering past interactions and responding in kind.

With no new resources entering the game after launch, players must find and gather resources and craft goods and services for one another, and you can bet it will be competitive! It will be up to players to set fair market value, protect their investments, research new paths in technology and pay taxes to their governments to run the country. And it will be up to the champions of the realms to protect their borders, to hunt down threats, or to conquer other lands.

More about Chronicles of Elyria

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Soulbond Studios vision for MMORPGs

Chronicles of Elyria is a persistent world role-playing game designed from the ground up to address the many problems and shortcomings that exist in today's conventional MMORPGs. The next evolution in online gaming is a dynamic, virtual world with gripping drama, personalized stories, and a reason to exist. Learn how Chronicles of Elyria is defining a new genre that will change everything you know about MMOs!

5 Design Pillars of Chronicles of Elyria

Their design pillars are the core way to make the vision a reality. These five elements will unleash players to play the character they've always dreamed in a world that invites creativity. Learn why Chronicles of Elyria is Dynamic, Dangerous, Skillful, Event-Driven, and Realistic.

Souls and the Business Model

Elyria is a world that is shaped by the passage of time and the creation of history. Learn how your character becomes a part of the living story through your characters and their souls. Chronicles of Elyria utilizes a new business model never before seen in MMOs. Instead of a subscription fee or micro-transactions, a Spark of Life grants a Soul the opportunity to live in Elyria for a real-life year.

Your Role in Elyria

Chronicles of Elyria uses a skill-based progression system, so the skills you practice make your character what they are. The fully skill-based system and lack of classes means you're able to create the exact character you want to and can shift your role over time. The world is full of opportunities, great and small, where player skill makes all the difference.