Hi, I'm Christiane! I'm passionate about accessibility in aviation and transport, customer experience and transformational leadership. Let's get connected.

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Video description: A promotion video of Christiane's company Ortegalink. Airport display with city names and the words "Let's make the world more accessible!". Then a wheelchair user who approaches non-accessible gates and the words "We help transport providers, airports and airlines to remove barriers for disabled customers." A train in fields. Words: "We're passionate about accessibility and inclusion. Let's make the world more inclusive together!" Then a logo appears and the URL www.ortegalink.com

My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn't accessible. Stella Young

About me

🎯 I'm enhancing customer experience in aviation, transport and other industries. I also help organisations to improve their accessibility for disabled customers.

🇬🇧🇩🇪 Londoner with two passports

✊🏻 Disability rights advocate for 25+ years

🚥 Member of several advisory boards

💻 Still a journalist sometimes, I was a full-time journalist for more than 20 years, started my own newspaper in 2007, you can read my articles here

♿️ Wheelchair-using geek

🥳 London2012 Opening Ceremony performer

💯 Pro inclusion, against segregation +++ Rights not charity +++ Nothing about us without us +++ The future is accessible and inclusive