The streetwear style is a fashion apart with multiple influences. Streetwear refers to a genre that comes from the street and which draws its codes in particular from the culture of skateboarding . This style of clothing is also inspired by hip hop , which through music has helped to nourish the aesthetic of streetwear.

Worn by both women and men , this look is constantly being renewed in 2020 and conquering new generations.

In this article you will find out which clothes and accessories are the items to have in your wardrobe.

Choosing your streetwear clothes

In streetwear must-haves , jeans are at the top of the podium. This essential material is found everywhere: in pants or jackets, jeans are timeless . We should avoid jeans at the top and bottom, however, because it is better to differentiate the materials or at least the colors. It is not difficult since the jeans are available in several colors. This is how your look will be more dynamic .

We also like the cargo pants which add a chic touch while adapting very well to the look.

Sweatshirts are also streetwear essentials. Practical and comfortable , they give the typical relaxed but assertive look of the look. Today there is a wide choice of very original designs and patterns . There is something to have fun and never get tired of this garment.

Streetwear is also about being daring by wearing an unusual and unexpected piece while managing to perfectly integrate it into your look.

In this street wear shop , you will find ideal pieces for a perfect look.

Streetwear shoes

Here too we favor comfort . No heels, we only wear sneakers in street wear! Otherwise called sneakers , these shoes have become the symbol of the genre and the greatest designers offer us very creative and elaborate designs .

Sneakers are no longer used for sports, they are now there to perfect an outfit thanks to their various shapes and colors.

Between the timeless and the most classic , rising models or not, sneakers allow you to assert your personality through your outfit.

The street-wear cap

It is the flagship accessory that can make all the difference on an outfit. However, you have to be demanding about your choice at the risk of ruining your look. It must first be the right size because too large it will look ridiculous and a model that is too small will not make you comfortable.

Prefer plain models if you are wearing an already colored hoodie. You have to balance the colors so that the outfit is not overloaded.

An authentic look

The streetwear looks have no well-defined limits, it is not easy to know where to go with the wide possibilities that exist.

Know that it is important to properly measure the different parts by finding consistency . Searching for vintage pieces will give authenticity to your outfit. Do not hesitate to be inspired by other styles and to re-appropriate them.