About Practice

Practice builds tools so that single individuals can become a business, without the need for busywork and paperwork. We are growing fast, well funded by top tier investors, and ready to scale.

Practice is run by repeat founders who know how to build a startup --  a founding team has previously raised over $150m and built businesses to scale.

We are beginning with simplifying the work of coaches and other relationship-based businesses, after which, we will expand as we pursue our ambitious, long-term vision.

About the Role

The Chief of Staff is a perfect role for someone with early experience (~5 years) in startups who seeks to learn directly from an experienced founding team as a business grows from product-market fit to early scale.

A Chief of Staff serves as a multi-disciplinary “swiss army knife” to execute across the business in areas that are yet to have their own sections of the org chart. The role is perfect for an ambitious self-starter with an intellectually curious mind capable of working horizontally and vertically within organizational functions.

The Chief of Staff will learn to run an entire startup as a key deputy of the founding team’s highly experienced operators.

The role of Chief of Staff is deliberately fixed to 18 months. At the end of this tenure, the COS may then take their place in the (now matured) organization, or move on to new and exciting challenges.

If you’d like to help individuals empower and help them make their way in the world, and learn how to build a startup while doing it, this is the role for you.

Some of what you’ll do: