Noya is reversing climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. We’re a small, scrappy team of engineers and scientists taking on the biggest problem anybody could be working on. We’ve developed a new process that uses existing industrial equipment to pull CO2 out of thin air, with dramatically lower capital and operating expenses than other carbon capture approaches.

We're looking for a highly capable and flexible operator to join our team and work with us in all areas of our operations: supporting project management for early installations, research and strategy setting for new markets, creation and execution of marketing campaigns, hiring new team members, raising future rounds of funding, and more. This role is an ever changing one, with your responsibilities 6 months from now almost guaranteed to be very different from what they look like in your first month.N

What this role is

As Noya's Chief of Staff, you will work directly with the CEO and have the opportunity to support many strategic and operational projects, objectives, and initiatives. During any given day in this open-ended role, you will work on projects such as building go-to-market strategies for new verticals, project planning for a new CO2 capture facility, and supporting the efforts needed to raise a new round of funding. You will support the growth of the company in both revenue and headcount, and you will have your own special projects to manage as well. The Chief of Staff will meaningfully contribute to every aspect of operations at Noya — from getting your hands dirty to support the installation of a new carbon capture process, to helping us improve our internal operations and how we work, to helping build distribution networks and manage supply/demand flows for local CO2 delivery.

And on top of all that, you will dive head-first into a sea of future potential full of unimaginable growth opportunities. Ultimately, we are looking for a curious, passionate person who wants to help solidify a bright future for all of humanity.

What you'll do

What we're looking for