Case Study

1. Introduction

This is a Case Study to show what I can do as Product Designer. I have been a Product Designer Intern at Cheerz for 5months (from May 2020 to October 2020). This internship took place at the end of my 3rd year at HETIC. I already had the opportunity to work as a Product Designer in my previous internship, and I knew I wanted to improve in this field.

Cheerz : Le site d'impression photo facile !

2. Overall

Who is Cheerz ?

Cheerz is a french Start-up that offer to print your memories as photos on different surfaces (Albums, Calendars, Frames etc.). In order to print custom product, Cheerz offer a website and a mobile application to custom these surfaces.

Since the beginning of Cheerz, user experience and most importantly the mobile user experience is a priority for Cheerz. They focus on the mobile devices because 80% of the pictures are taken from a phone nowadays.

What project was I working on ?

When I arrived at Cheerz, they were working on a an important project for the user experience : Kustom. Kustom is an internal tool for user customization by different types of products.

To put in a nutshell, the main goal of Kustom is to offer different experiences depending on the particularities of the surface you print on. (One page or more ? One picture per page or more ? Can you add text or not ? etc.)