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  1. Exchange programs make the students quicker to the world.
  2. Working parttime on finishes of the week should not be made obligatory.
  3. Introverts are the best influential speaker.
  4. By far most of the state of the art youth have propensity shaping characters.
  5. Schools shouldn't allow severe discussions.
  6. Propelling somewhere near three obscure lingos ought to be made necessary for the students.
  7. Writing research papers is a better methodology than learning.
  8. Cash can't buy you euphoria.
  9. Positive thinking makes life much more direct and more euphoric.
  10. Savage PC games should be limited.
  11. College education ought to be free for students with lamentable family establishments.
  12. Mass shootings can never be legitimized.
  13. Gloating about expensive things depicts boldness.