To add that final layer of polish, you may want to include a number of icons to provide visual support for users navigating their way through the report. Within this section, we're specifically focusing on updating icons within the components (e.g. KPIs), not icons used in the navigation bars (for this, see the 'Updating Navigation Bar Icon Buttons' section).

  1. Go to and select your icons of choice.

  2. Select 64px size and ensure you select the appropriate color using your theme's color palette. Then, export as PNG. We recommend using the filled in icons, as opposed to the outlined icons.

  3. Import your icon image into Power BI, by selecting 'Insert' > 'Image' and select your icon of choice.

  4. Resize to (30 Width x 30 Height) by going to the 'Format Image' section > 'General', and align the icon to the centre of your KPIs colored square.

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