Wednesday, 28th July

Query builder improvements


Build a segment with complex filters is now easier. You don't have to create thousands of rules anymore. Just select the field to filter and list your terms

We also took time to improve the autocompletion, it's now faster and more accessible

Date picker

When filtering on a date, we replaced the old fashion date picker of your navigator with a custom one. It allows you to query results with an absolute or relative date.

example: I want to filter all profiles that have changed their jobs in the past 15 days

Enrich company via name

You don't need to have at least a website or LinkedIn URL to retrieve company data. A name is now enough. Check our company enrichment API for more information

Realtime extraction (Beta)

Our database is growing every day but it can be possible that we don't have some data yet (especially on profiles). We now extract them in real-time with our enrich API if they don't exist (on profiles and companies).

To be eligible, you need to install our chrome extension.


We improved LinkedIn extraction for non-european residents. Our proxies are now based also in Asia and America and we will automatically use the right proxies based on your location.

Wednesday, 21th July

Organization base

All the users under the same domain name will now be part of the same Fillbit account. Users have access to segments and extracts made by their peers.

LinkedIn companies & profiles extraction is shared between the LinkedIn accounts of the organization users. More users to your organization you have, the more Linkedin extraction capacity you will have.