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Version 3.3

Last updated: 09 Nov, 2022 - Link Purchase | Download

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:: New features

(1) Breaking Change 🚀

As many clients need upgrading easily, we have changed code structure to:

  1. Easy & simply upgrade source code just by replacing the configs folder.

  2. If you have customized something on the old FluxStore, just copy to configs/customized folder.

    The projects will be overridden by the files in configs/customized folder.

    upgrade fluxstore .png

🔑 Importance Note:

(2) Myfatoorah payment 💰


(3) TabMenu & Scrollable 🧩

(4) Smart Banner ⭐️


(5) Vertical Product Gallery ♻️

Scroll images vertically on Product Detail screen. Available for simpleType.