🔄 Change log and tracking last modified date

By popular request - you can now audit changes to your Trust Center! In particular, admins can see a full list of changes in the new change log, and everyone can see the "modified" date for each items.

Change log: As an admin, in the "Security Portal" tab, at the top right between "Preview Mode" and the edit gear for "Security Portal Settings" -- click the new 🔄 icon!


Now you can easily see what has been updated, by who, and when (including doc uploads, deletions, item info changes, items removed, access level changes, or cards hidden). To note, we backfilled most of the previous events, and going forward all this data will now be captured. Learn more here.


Modified date: Now anybody within your organization can see when and who last modified an item. Within the app, simple click on a card or item and look for the "modified at" text.


To flag, these two features provide internal visibility into what has been changed. On our roadmap we also plan to tackle sharing changes externally (to your accounts). Stay tuned!

👬 Invite colleague to access a Trust Center

Now, accounts (your prospects/customers) can invite their colleague to your Trust Center. This allows your Trust Center to been seen by the right teammate - further reducing friction and the time to complete a review.

Once your account has access to your Trust Center - they can navigate and click on their name at the top right > then select invite colleagues. With this popup they can enter the correct teammates email, which triggers an an access email. It's as simple as that!


🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!