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There will be pressures to limit the range of our experiments. The ideals of making the community inclusive will tend to push us towards safer, less difficult, more accessible experiments. The natural desire of participants to have the club fit conveniently into their lives, also, will push us away from difficult and disorienting experiments.

So let’s remain explicitly open to difficult activities. We don’t mean “difficult” in the sense of "challenging one's beliefs or perspectives", nor "difficult to sit through.” We mean difficult in the sense of running a marathon, finally sharing a secret you've held on to for 10 years, starting a business, or leaving your wife.

And lets remain open to activities which some would find violent, trauma-inducing, psychically invasive, cult-like (see, e.g., The Weness), and so on. Just give people a chance to leave after hearing the rules (and try not to make them feel embarrassed or wimpy if they do). (“Each Game Optional.”) And consider having a safe word that stops play for everyone, and a few people that are especially available to talk to.

Staying experimental is likely only possible if the club is allowed to be inconvenient, disorienting, and not for everyone.

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