About Cavatica

CAVATICA is a data analysis and sharing platform designed to accelerate discovery in a scalable, cloud-based compute environment where data, results, and workflows are shared among the world’s research community. Cavatica and its partners continuously seek to find ways to collaborate, share, interoperate, and connect with any and all other data platforms in order to empower data across diseases, ages and geography supporting researchers and patients across the United States and throughout the world.


The portal integrates with Cavatica to authenticate file access and push genomic files from the Kids First Data Resource Portal to Cavatica. Here, researchers and bioinformaticians can create their own workflows or use existing, registered workflows to analyze Kids First datasets. Cavatica users can also bring external datasets into their private Cavatica project space to work with alongside the Kids First Data.

For more information on Cavatica, visit the Fact Sheet here.

Do I need a Cavatica account?

A Cavatica account is required for either cloud-based analysis or downloading files for local usage. Cavatica supports both traditional usernames and passwords as well as NIH / eRA Commons account authentication.

To access data through your eRA Commons permissions, **your eRA Commons must be linked to your Cavatica account.**

If you do not have a Cavatica account and need to create one, you can register for a new account here. Choosing the Register via an external account option will redirect you to authenticate with eRA Commons.

Alternatively, you can upgrade an existing Cavatica account without eRA integration by clicking here and choosing the Upgrade my account option. The Kids First controlled access bubble should turn green once you are successfully connected.

One you have an eRA Commons-enabled Cavatica account, you will need to enter your Cavatica authentication token found under Developer into the Kids First Portal settings area. This is a unique code for your data access; please do not share. Directions for this are provided on the Connecting to Other Platforms page.

Connecting Platforms

Requirements for Sending Data to Cavatica

There are three prerequisites to being able to push data from the Kids First Portal to Cavatica:

  1. Your Kids First Data Resource Portal account must be linked to Gen3/eRA Commons.

  2. You must have been granted access to the datasets of choice through dbGaP.

    Applying for Access

  3. Your Kids First Data Resource Portal account must be linked to your Cavatica account.

Introduction to Cavatica: Step-by-Step

To help you get started with Cavatica, we have written a step-by-step guide to walk you through running a workflow on Cavatica. The below link takes you to this guide, complete with video screen captures demonstrating how to run the Kids First DRC's Alignment workflow as an example.