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⭐ About you: our newest super-star addition

We're growing quickly and are looking for a driven and experienced backend engineer. You will solve unique, complex technical problems. You will manage API integrations, build algorithms, and be responsible for building wagr's early matching engine as we enable a marketplace. You'll work directly with the founding team to build a product that consumers love and rave about.

You care deeply about efficiency and optimization, and providing an unparalleled user experience. You know how to communicate technical concepts to non-technical teammates. You enjoy thinking about our product and how to make it better. You’re a great listener, but are willing to speak up when you see something that needs to be fixed. You ask questions when something isn’t clear, and you take ownership of your work.

<aside> 💯 You'll be joining us for the most exciting part of our race to launch: the final sprint


We're gearing up for launch in 2021. You'll play a leading role in integrating with a number of third party APIs, setting up a robust reporting architecture, using data to drive product decisions and optimize social experiences (i.e. build an algorithmic social feed), and ultimately building a matching engine.

We expect you to work with us week-to-week as we sprint and iterate toward product-market fit. We expect you to stay flexible—build room for change as we update designs. We want your product feedback and input on the roadmap. We expect you to research and implement best practices and be prepared to deliver a complete, excellent, and stable experience to users.

We're counting on you to help create a delightful, unforgettable experience for users.

What you'll do: