<aside> 🔭 We build technology that empowers individuals to create community value, get the most out of what they own, and retain autonomy of their assets and data.



Probably Something is a community-driven technology company building the future of digital ownership software for creators and collectors**.**

We believe that digital ownership has a lot to offer the world, but there’s work to be done to help them get there.

Our first platform, Lifeboat, makes holding and benefitting from NFTs legible to the average user. Our product is trusted by leading NFT projects and some of the biggest NFT collectors in the space.

Our project partners - from Pixel Vault to Chimpers to Ghxsts - use Lifeboat to bridge the gaps between their projects and their collector communities.

Ideal role not listed and feel like you can contribute in some unique way? Reach out at careers@probablysomething.io

Open Positions

<aside> 💡 Applications: Check out our open roles below! We are currently hiring for founding and part-time engineers. Please email resume to careers@probablysomething.io for consideration




About Probably Something and Lifeboat

Probably Something is a community-driven technology company with a focus on making digital ownership accessible, understandable, and useful to everyone.

We're building a series of interlocking platforms to help realize the potential of NFTs to drive positive change.

Our first product offering (Lifeboat), landing page (here), and public community channel on Discord!

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 4.38.47 PM.png

A screenshot of the Lifeboat collector’s feed.