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Workspace for collaborative analytics

If you're excited by the technical and business challenges of building a category-defining software company, you'll fit right in at Hyperquery. Hyperquery is a collaborative workspace for data analytics. Hyperquery combines the best of Snowflake, Notion, Google Sheets, and Slack into one context-rich workspace so data professionals can do their best work in deep exploration and analysis. The founding team cut their teeth as technical leads at Airbnb, Bird, QuantCo, Wayfair, Brain Corp. We're well-funded and backed by marquee investors that have backed companies like Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Stripe, and HYBE (the parent company behind BTS, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande).

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Our Vision + Product

Building the "home" for data analysts



Why Hyperquery?

5 reasons why you should join Hyperquery

<aside> 🚀 You will build a category-defining product. Github redefined productivity for software engineers. Figma redefined productivity for product designers. Hyperquery aims to redefine productivity for data analysts.


<aside> 👩‍💻 You will work with founders and talented coworkers who've built valuable enterprises and killer technical teams before at Airbnb, Bird, Wayfair, & QuantCo.


<aside> 🏛️ We are backed by the best. Our investors have previously backed hits such as Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Stripe, and HYBE (the parent company behind the global K-pop sensation BTS).


<aside> 🤔 You will tackle interesting technical and go-to-market challenges that keep you sharp and on your toes. Come ready to fire up on all cylinders. We also ❤️ open-source.


<aside> 🧘🏻‍♀️ You will have the flexibility to work hard and live your best life. We are 100% remote, asynchronous, and results-oriented. Our team members hike, paint, surf, and raise children, but we also execute incredibly fast.