🌟 Our mission

Limiting global warming emissions to 1.5°C requires rapid and far-reaching action - and it is down to us. Recent scientific evidence suggests that in addition to emission reductions initiatives, we would also need to consider balancing remaining emissions by removing CO2 from the air.

Roughly 25% of global emissions are hard-to-abate and companies need offsetting to achieve their net-zero goals. But today 90% of carbon offsets on the market are tied to avoided emissions instead of carbon removal claims, which are instead better aligned to the +1.5 degrees Paris goal.

Abatable recommends companies the right offsetting portfolio bundle based on budget, impact, and location preferences, with a focus on carbon removal offsets.

We founded Abatable in July 2021 and we are backed by Global Founders Capital, Blue Bear Capital and Y Combinator (S21).

Our founding team has a strong founder-product fit to tackle this problem. Maria was previously VP at Goldman Sachs, where she advised large companies on forestry investments and carbon procurement, and Valerio was a Product Manager at Monzo, Google, and Facebook.

🏢 Our offices

We're currently based in an office within a Workspace at The Leather Market, which is very convenient to reach from most corners of London and is only 3 minutes away from London Bridge station. Having a private office space means we have the freedom to set it up however we want, can choose our own coffee and tea, and benefit from a dog-friendly environment.


💼 Open roles

If you don't see a role that suits you but you're still interested in working with us, drop us a line at jobs@abatable.com. We're always keen to hear from candidates passionate about solving climate change and we may have roles coming online in the future that could be a good fit for you.

Fullstack Software Engineer (YC S21)

Carbon Originator

Digital Content Marketing Executive

Business Development Associate

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