Welcome — we’re on a mission to grow the creator economy, and we’d like your help to get there. We’re excited you’re considering working with us and want to do our best to explain why we care about this, and why the work you do at Stir could be the most impactful of your career.

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Stir's mission is to empower creators to run great businesses.

The world is in the midst of a monumental power shift from Institutions to Individuals. The days when an institution could tell you what to create, when to do it, and the value of it are over. It’s our responsibility to arm this next generation of creator entrepreneurs with the tools they need to carve out their own path.

In this new world, creators don't need to rely on incumbents for the infrastructure that they have traditionally provided. They can build a direct relationship with people and monetize in new ways with uncapped upside. It's an entirely new form of entrepreneurship and it will span across entertainment, education, media, and other massive markets.