Riverse - Our Mission

We envision a net-zero society.

While we need to multiply investments into decarbonization by 6 to contain global warming to an acceptable level, carbon-negative solutions unfairly struggle to access funding. We are here to change this.

Our platform enables carbon-negative SMEs in Europe to unlock significant revenue opportunities to scale, delivering:

  1. Impact assessment with our tech-enabled LCA approach
  2. Impact verification and traceability
  3. Issuance of carbon credits on a registry connected to best-in-class marketplaces

We are hiring!

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🌠 Diversity, inclusion & equity

We believe inclusion is the result of ongoing commitment. We want to build an authentic environment, open to everyone regardless of nationality, physical ability, family structure, age, socio-economics, civil status, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic origin, religion, belief or anything else that makes your life experience unique.

We are working to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, where everyone has a space to thrive.

We are at the beginning of building our company and our culture, and are extremely interested to talk about these topics if you are interested too!

🏔️ About us

Riverse is a mission-driven company, founded in 2021 by Clément, Grégoire and Ludovic, three long-time friends with complementary expertise and a common desire to dedicate their energy at the service of one of the most pressing causes of our generation.

We believe climate stability is worth fighting for, and put a financial value on environmental impact to accelerate the solution.

We are building the leading platform for carbon-negative projects to access financing, driving 5bn€ into climate change solutions per year and enabling the reduction of 1 gigaton of CO2e by 2030.

Riverse is backed by Techstars, Solar Impulse Foundation, Bpifrance, WILCO, Google 4 startups, and Airminers.

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