If you are interested in joining a startup post-graduation then it's important to begin planning your search early. Events and workshops to have on your radar:

  1. The CMC hosts a "custom search" session for all incoming MBA students in August.
  2. The EVCC hosts a series of workshops to help you better understand what types of opportunities are available at different stages of startups, as well as more information about how to unlock unique opportunities through individual outreach and the Duke alumni network. This event series is announced through the EVCC newsletter and takes place September through March.
  3. Josh Cohen (joint I&E and CMC resource) is available for appointments to discuss your career search in more detail. Instructions on how to either utilize walk-up appointments or book an appointment here.

Table of Contents

Startups and new graduates

Below are a few blogs posts and opinion articles that provide additional perspective on joining a startup post-graduation. "Are You Suited For A Startup" covers both what to expect as well as how to target the right opportunity for you.

Thoughts on Joining a Startup

­čôâExternal job boards to monitor

There are a plethora of external job boards, so make sure you do your homework and start tracking those that post opportunities related to your industries of interest. A few of note are:

Local(ish) startup job boards

Nationwide jobs in startups