Join us as we reinventing food delivery.

We started DïNG earlier last year to help local, independent restaurants get through trying times. Over the course, we've come to realize that we can do much more than that! We are reinventing food delivery with tastier restaurant foods, and significantly increased logistic efficiency.

We strongly believe that a food delivery company should go beyond just restaurant listings and logistic networks. It should care about the food that's being delivered, and its responsibility as an extension for restaurants to foster growths. That's why we are focusing on delivering simpler, tastier, and safer "takeout experiences" for customers, and ultimately, inspiring a tastier community.

We want to build a sustainable future for restaurant and food delivery industry. Maybe that sounds crazy but we’ve gathered a team capable of turning that into reality. We're always looking for talented people who shares passion in food and are interested in building the future alongside us!

Current Openings


<aside> 👏🏻 If none of the available roles fit your skill sets, send a note with your CV and share with us how you can help DïNG grow.


Life at DïNG

Eat Great Food

We are a tight-knit team and we love family meal

Family Meal: Korean BBQ

Family Meal: Korean BBQ

Sampling Dishes

Sampling Dishes

Raspberry tart made by our founder, Mike

Raspberry tart made by our founder, Mike

Meet Great People

Get to know chefs, couriers and many more interesting people

Deliver Great Food

Food delivery, but not as you know it