<aside> 📢 A core priority for the Cardiff and Vale RPB is to ensure that citizens are meaningfully involved in shaping policy, service design and delivery.



This platform is a resource for practitioners carrying out engagement work in Cardiff and the Vale. It was co-designed by practitioners (supported by C3SC & ProMo-Cymru) with the aim to establish a common, joined up approach to engagement that will increase the range of voices heard. It was built in a response to engaging with citizens and practioners across the region.

Please note that this is a public website so if you include information it can be seen by anyone. Please do not share any information that you want to remain private or that is about individuals and may be protected by GDPR.

How can this framework help my engagement work?

  1. Tools for delivering engagement work: Here you will find An Engagement Checklist and an Engagement Plan Template. These tools aim to guide practitioners through each step required to ensure effective engagement.
  2. A Database of Engagement Work: Here you can view previous engagement work that has taken place and find out what citizens views are on a range of topics.
  3. Good Practice Resources: Here you can access good practice resources to support you with delivering quality engagement work.
  4. Community of Practice: We are a group of practitioners who meet regularly to share good practice, network and collaborate on engagement activities. Contact: catherine.hughes14@wales.nhs.uk to find out more and get involved.

Tools for delivering engagement work

The resources in this toolkit have been co-designed by practitioners. Feel free to use and adapt to suit your needs.

Untitled Database

Database of Engagement Work

Click below to access previous engagement work.

Database of Engagement

Good Practice Resources