This toolkit is for founders and their teams running their early stage rounds, from friends and family, pre-seed to Series A. There is a lot to do. Raises are typically a full time job for 3-6 months for one founder. Raises get easier as you progress (if you have growth) but you can still save a lot of time by doing it the easy way.

<aside> 💡 Goal #1. Reduce the time that is takes you to raise by at least 50%. So if it was going to take you 12 months, it will take you 6 months. Or if it was going to take you 3 months, it will take you 1.5 months.


<aside> 💡 Goal #2. Increase your chances of getting better investors.


<aside> ❗ Make sure the first thing you do is duplicate a copy of the Toolkit to your own account in the top right corner so you can edit a private version.


1. Raise Hacks

Simplify Everything

Why are you F'ing awesome

Find great investors

Be a line, not a dot

Know when you're ready

Simple resources

Fit in the bucket

Avoid a valuation - Note or SAFE

3. Resources

Building your Diligr Snapshot

Fundraising Resource List

Term Sheets

Founder Stories

5. Cake App

2. GSD

Step by Step Guide

Choosing Your Investors

Your Data Room Checklist

Pitching and Pitch Decks


Legal Documents

Model Your Round

4. Webinars and videos

Video - Toolkit Overview - Raise in half the time

Workshop - Capital Raising

Workshop - ESOPs

Video - Valuations made simple

Video - Streamline your legals

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