[Three Basic Steps to Consider ](https://www.notion.so/Three-Basic-Steps-to-Consider-173c4217649948c982077b6682fed721)

Planning for capacity breaks down into three simple elements: determining your targets (KPI/Service Levels), understanding current capacity, and of course planning ahead.

[Do they really want a Capacity Plan? ](https://www.notion.so/Do-they-really-want-a-Capacity-Plan-b7723199f2b2477abc931a279219ebc9)

Often members of a Senior Management Team (SMT), throw around statements about Capacity Plans and Resource Models, ensure first and foremost they truly understand the meaning.

Developing a Capacity Plan

Developing a capacity plan requires a thoughtful approach, including setting targets, understanding current capacity, and planning ahead. It is important to ensure that everyone involved in the capacity plan truly understands the meaning of the plan and the resources needed to achieve it. It is also important to consider the long-term sustainability of the plan, as well as any potential risks that may arise.

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