Visual communication is powerful, but some find it hard to do. Existing design tools are complex and enterprise-y. Canva aims to give anyone the ability to confidently design.


2020 - now


Creativity, SMBs, collaboration

The Design Research team was born in March 2020 and I joined in July 2020 as the fourth researcher. Currently I am playing catch up on interesting generative research, setting up efficient and ethical research practices with fellow researchers, and helping teams get closer to users like never before 🖤

No case study yet, just fun pics. Enjoy

End of year hangz with the product designers.

Research team having too much fun with Zoom filters (March 2021)

In my first 5 months, my colleagues said

Monica is not quick to jump to solutions with a short term mindset, always seeking to understand the broader goals of the group and company. - Product team member

Monica is doing a great job of helping us un-YOLO our research practice. - Product team member

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