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The Truth about Checking the Number of Shutter Actuations on a Canon 7d and 5d Mark III DSLRs And you hear stories that are all over the place. With 1D Bodies there is also a date code in the battery compartment, printed in ink on the bottom wall of the battery bay You will need to shine a torch in to see it , and that is the same format as the Lens Age Dating Chart. However, now we can age a lens based on the serial number alone. It's a little tiny label that's on the bottom usually. The next two digits are the month of manufacture, and the last two digits are apparently internal codes meaningful only to Canon. As such, these products come with different accessories, manuals, and warranties than the versions intended for sale in other global regions such as Asia.

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 Please note that, while the overall chart is holding out nicely with the lenses we've checked including several late-2014 models , it is a work-in-process.  That's a shame if it's the case.  They get upgraded from time to time, but the same model number stays.  In part, the numbers might be shifted by a month or so.  Tried on 6D, but did not work for some reason.  Canon has been transitioning to a 10-digit lens serial number starting in 2008 with the and ending the inclusion of a separate manufacturing date code. 

The Truth about Checking the Number of Shutter Actuations on a Canon 7d and 5d Mark III DSLRs
 This is the only lens out of 9 Canon lenses I have that does not have a serial number engraved or electronically embedded.  Once you find the serial number in the exif data, check to see if the camera was stolen.  None of my serial numbers have ever been questioned, so again this shows they're keeping track.  In the event that you were trying to find out if you have a counterfeit camera or if you were trying to find out if you have a refurbished camera and it happens to be a cannon then you call Cannon and they will help you.  Which is the Best PowerShot Digital Camera for You? Will also delete on comment score of -1 or less.  Is there a space where the plate should be? Overread wrote in Aye but it is his 700D that hasn't got the sticker 2 It's stolen and the sticker is removed to prevent tracing This is where I am leaning.  This sub is not to conduct business - Buy or sell. 

What do the numbers and letters on the Canon cameras mean? 60D? 5D Mark II vs Mark III? 7D? : DSLR
 I've just emailed the seller asking for further info, no reply yet Cheers, Max Nature photography at Well, I knew about the date code on lenses, but not that camera bodies had one too.  Make sure you have your serial number that usually located inside the battery compartment of your camera or at least on the outside where the information is about that camera.  James, if you will provide your serial number, I will see what I can find with regard to the date it was made.  You contact Canon customer service y.  Ben, thank you but I have what I need now.  It only works with Internet Explorer on a Windows Machine.  That would give you at least a range of dates to work with. 

How can I find the the serial number of a Canon EOS DSLR when the stamp on the camera is unreadable?
 The Canon lens date code chart is shown below.  It's eight digits long and it's not the date code that Canon used to print on the lens.  But the one time I needed warranty work, my camera was accepted without question.  I used a unix program called gPhoto2 on my Mac.  Suave wrote: Mr Jam wrote: Is is possible it was a stolen lens deliberately modified to hide the serial number physically and electronically and was sold to Adorama used department? I'm interested in buying a 5dsr and want to use the grey market again and find a bran new one for much cheaper.  Is is possible it was a stolen lens deliberately modified to hide the serial number physically and electronically and was sold to Adorama used department? Professionals, hobbyists, newbies and those who don't even own a camera -- all are welcome regardless of skill, favourite brand, gear, gender or age. 

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 While date codes and the shorter serial number are still found on some lenses, this inclusion will likely end completely.  PowerShot Digital Cameras deliver Canon's innovative technology and world-class optics with brilliant design to make photography a pleasure.  I'll have to look in the mirror box on mine and see what's there.  All of this is offered in a light-weight compact design which you can take when traveling or with family and friends.  I know I bought it early, but not that early.  The are designed for advanced or beginner photographers who are looking for incredible optical zoom without the burden of a large lens.  I can practically swear that I've never filled one out and sent it in. 

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 Our are designed for advanced photographers to enable unlimited creativity in a compact and convenient point-and-shoot body without the need for additional lenses.  Thank you very much, Max Nature photography at There is no comparison between a 20D and any of the 1D's.  You then have a choice of keeping stolen property or reporting the seller's contact information to the police and being out of the cash you spent for it.  I am not sure even Canon has a way of knowing.  So 7D is often prefered by wild life, paparazzi and action photographers who shoot with long lenses.  This code is also present on some other Canon products including camera bodies. 

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 Is there anywhere else that I can find the serial number of my camera? To determine the age of a pre-10-digit serial number Canon lens bearing a date code Until phasing out the practice starting in 2008, Canon included a date code beside the rear lens element of many but not all lenses note that some 2012-manufactured lenses retain the date code.  The camera was last seen at the time of the in , a few miles from the border with Guatemala.  If you intend to pay for service, I don't think it matters who imported it.  As above, first month a body is produced serial will start 01 and tick up 1 digit each month so if you have a body with a serial number 12 it will have been made 12 months into production of that body.  Note that body serial numbers, at least for 2013, do not follow this chart. 

Where to find your serial number
 Scroll about halfway down and you will see the camera's serial number.  I'm actually checking a possible upgrade for my dying out 20D.  Remember what the DorMouse said.  The thing that confused me further was no serial number in the embedded chip either.  So they must be keeping track of the serial numbers somewhere.  And my friend could have bought a camera 2 months ago and took 20,000 photos for his time lapse.  They are not even in the same orbit.