Life is unpredictable and we know that things happen, for both travelers and guides. We've designed our system to give guides clear policies and options so you may be prepared for cancellations.

Your cancellation policy

When you review/sign our participation agreement, you will be prompted to select a cancellation policy that works for you: flexible or strict.



If you wish to adjust your cancellation policy please e-mail your direct contact at Thermal or send a message to

Adjustments to existing reservations

We understand that travelers may adjust their trips to allow for fewer or additional nights, a change in group size, etc. They may also request to re-schedule. Please communicate with the traveler and Approve or Decline their change requests. Once a decision has been made and agreed upon we will adjustment the reservation details.

Guide changes to existing reservations

If you need to reschedule or cancel a traveler's reservation please contact us to explain the situation. We understand that things happen, but travelers are counting on you!

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to request/offer alternate dates for the traveler. If alternate dates do not work for the traveler, you will be required to refund the traveler in full.