The Camper's Journey

Week 1 is orientation, where Campers will attend an orientation in tech tools and expectations for the program, and will define what their "Growth Journey" over the summer will look like!

Growth Journey is a fancy word we made up to describe the part pre-assigned and part self-defined learning journey that a Camper will embark on over the course of the 9-weeks from Week 2 - Week 10!

A camper comes into Week 2 of Camp with a self-created and fully filled out "Growth Journey."

A Growth Journey consists of four sub-journeys:

When defining sub-journeys, campers must define a Capstone project to be completed at the end of Camp. Campers will progress on their Growth Journey by taking steps each week that get them closer to completing the Capstone for each of their four sub-journeys.

On Week 10 of Camp, each Camper will present their four completed capstones to their "Crew."

A Crew ****is a group of 8-10 Campers who are assigned to each other at the start of Camp, and who are meant to serve as support and accountability partners over the course of the 9 weeks.

Each crew is led by a "Counselor," a high school student who will also be serving as a Camper going on their own Growth Journey. Every Counselor will have gone through the Civics Unplugged Fellowship, which is what CU Summer Camp is inspired by.

On Mondays, all Campers will come together for the "Monday Bonfire," which is a weekly lesson and discussion on a topic related to personal development or community building. Monday Bonfires are led by one or more of the co-founders of Civics Unplugged, and sometimes special guests!