Calm currents is an immersive and transformative experience where visitors can feel a moment of pause and let go of worry.


Artist Statement

As new media artists, our work is rooted in the exploration of empathy, mental health, and the importance of taking a moment of pause in our fast-paced world. Through our art, we aim to create immersive experiences that allow the audience to reflect on their own emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

Our goal is to utilize design as an instant language to narrate feelings, identities, values, stories, and purpose. Through a refined visual vocabulary and interactive technologies, we focus on creating a multi-sensory experience that can transport the viewers into a new realm of feelings. By engaging with these technologies, we hope to create a bridge between the digital and physical worlds by allowing the viewer to feel fully present in the moment.

We want to focus on creating a moment of pause, to help people explore their emotions and feelings by which we hope to promote healing and growth. In today's world, it is extremely easy to become overwhelmed and stressed so by creating something that can encourage the viewers to slow down we hope to remind them to take the time to recharge or reconnect with themselves and others.

We believe that design has the power to shape and transform the world around us, and we are committed to using our skills and passion to create meaningful and impactful experiences for all.

Concept Statement

Calm Currents is an immersive and transformative experience where visitors can feel a moment of pause and let go of worry.

It is a safe space for participants to tap into their own intuitive flow and have the opportunity to connect with their unique energy through sound, movement, and light.

We provide a calming environment, where visitors can take a moment to pause and release anxiety.  We use vibrations as a method of sound therapy, to deepen the meditative state, reduce anxiety and calm the nervous system. The water reflections surrounding you create a soothing visual experience, which can help you focus attention inward to feel more grounded. As the platform lights up with your movement you will feel seen by your own self at that moment.

What are we making for our Thesis?

We aim to create a space that is immersive and transformative, where individuals can let go of negative thoughts and focus on the present moment. We plan to achieve this by incorporating elements of water, vibration, sound, and light.

The central feature of our installation is a wooden platform measuring 6 feet by 6 feet and 7 inches high, which is situated in one corner of the space. The platform is designed to produce vibrations from below that travel through the body of the participant standing on it, from the feet to the head, to bring the participants into the moment and help them feel the vibrations in every part of their body. These vibrations are created by a combination of the sound of water and the stories of people we have spoken to, which share how individuals are genuinely feeling in the present moment. Our aim is to generate a connection of energies between the participants and the stories shared, thereby helping them to focus on the present and let go of their negative thoughts.

To enhance the sensory experience, we have scattered LED lights on the floor of the platform. These lights light up according to the participants' movements, to provide them with a sense of arrival and encourage them to focus on the present moment by creating intrigue and them focusing on their every step.

The other aspect of our installation covers the entire space and is designed to create a transformative experience for the participants. We plan to create reflections of moving water using light by emitting light from the bottom of the water. This creates massive illuminating diffuse reflections all over the space, which represents the importance of shining light from within and how the inner energies of our feelings can significantly impact us on the outside.

Overall, our installation is designed to provide a unique sensory experience that helps individuals let go of their negative thoughts and focus on the present moment, thereby enhancing their overall wellbeing.