Feeling sick, what to do?

First of all; if you're feeling ill, please stay home! Don't try to work because you feel obligated or for some other reason. It doesn't help you and we don't want our other colleagues to be sick as well, do we? 🚑 Please rest and get well soon. ☕🙏🏽 Call your supervisor and let them know that you're ill. Please let them know when you expect to feel better and when you're actually good to go. Even if it is your free day!*

*Example: You work the whole week, except Wednesday because that is your free day. You're ill on Monday and Tuesday. Feeling good on Wednesday? Let your team lead know! We register everything so we can calculate the total absenteeism.

Where can I find my absenteeism?

You can find an overview in Personio via your profile and —> "Absence". Need any help? Just ask someone from the People-team! 💪